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Points North Freight Forwarding Inc.

Bulk Fuel 

Transportation Services

Camp Services

A Little About Us

Points North Freight Forwarding Inc provides Bulk Fuel and Transportation Services across Saskatchewan.

Located at the end of Highway 905, Points North Landing is one of the northernmost points for trucking and air freight services for Northern Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

Points North Landing is a base camp for exploration companies in the area and provides essential services to small communities and minesites north of La Ronge.

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Working Together to Contribute to Aboriginal Growth and Success!

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Bulk Fuel Sales and Delivery

Points North can supply a wide variety of fuels and oils including gasoline, diesel, heating oil, propane and jet fuel as well as a large selection of lubricants.

Points North is also an aviation fuel distributor providing into-plane and bulk aviation fuel service.

Points North trucks and trailers are available to transport bulk fuel throughout the North via highway, seasonal road or winter road. For companies requiring on-site storage, we have a variety of portable enviro-tanks for rent.



Points North has been operating in Saskatchewan for many years. Our company has extensive experience operating on seasonal and ice roads in Northern Saskatchewan as well as highways connecting to destinations throughout Southern Saskatchewan.

We have a variety of flat bed and van trailers available to move your freight or heavy equipment. 

We can provide a solution to your transportation needs throughout Saskatchewan as well as beyond with our connecting carriers.


Camp Services

Points North has ensured their customers stay at Points North Camp is a comfortable one. With a new modern kitchen, our dining room is equipped to seat 60 people at a time and we have extended breakfast and supper hours to help serve any guests that may not have a flexible work schedule. Bagged lunches are available for guests who have to work out in the field during meal times.

We also have a lumber yard, scheduled airline service to our airport, cell phone service in the area and Starlink internet.

We Want to Hear from You!

Saskatoon Mailing Address:
2405B Wheaton Ave
Saskatoon, SK S7L 5Y3


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